Roland Vinyard,

"The Bard Rocks"

The Sea

Songs of the Sea were mostly made for groups of unschooled singers to sing, folks who did not have room to take (m)any musical instruments to accompany them.  Consequently, they are very singable songs, often with easy parts for others to join in on. Nothing is so exciting as to hear a roomful of folks singing their hearts out on songs such as these.

Across the Western Ocean


Barnacle Bill, the Sailor

Barrett's Privateers

Being a Pirate
Blood Red Roses

Blow the Candles Out

Blow Ye Winds in the Morning
Bonnie Heilin’ Laddie
Bonnie Ship the Diamond
Bullgine Run

Captain Kidd
Chicken on a Raft
Drunken Sailor
The Fireship
Golden Vanity (Child 286)
Grey Funnel Line
Haul Away Joe

Haul on the Bowline

Heave Away, Santy Anno
Henry Martin (Child 250)

High Barbaree

Home, Dearie, Home

Jolly Roving Tar

Leave Her, Johnny , Leave Her

Leaving of Liverpool

The Mermaid

Mingulay Boat Song

Off to Sea Once More

Oh, Yes, Oh

Over the Water to Charlie

Pirate's Own Song

The Reuben James

Roll, Alabama, Roll
Roll the Woodpile Down
Run Come See Jerusalem

Sailor on the Deep Blue Sea

Sloop John B
South Australia

Squid Jigging Ground
Survivor Leave

Sweet Roseanne