Roland Vinyard,

"The Bard Rocks"

Ray Choi Autoharp.

Custom-made, this is his highest tier model, Sitka Spruce over Pau Ferro. It plays in C and G (and F if I am not fussy). It has 2 lock bars, fine tuners, herringbone purfling, and a pickup. The scrolls, the fish, and the edge along the tuners are hand-carved. Nice warm sound.

Un-named Banjo-Mandolin

Sound like a banjo, play like a mandolin, drown out a fiddler who won't stop playing. Goes great with jug band melodies.Yes, it's LOUD.

Supertone Mandolin

An old Monkey Wards brand, this Supertone has a Brazilian Rosewood back, which gives it a deeper and less strident sound than one would expect. And it's a bit fancy, plays great.

Regal Tiple (pr. "tee-play") - now sold to someone who might figure out what to do with it.

10 strings, 4 courses paired in 2s and 3s, this 1920's instrument sounds like a whole chorus and, when played with a pick, is LOUD, despite the tiny size.Picked with fingertips, you can barely hear it.

Short-Necked Monsters 

Tennessee Williams would love to know he has been quoted. This is the "everything else" category.

Young Autoharp

Custom built by the late Keith Young, it is diatonic (D, A) and although it looks normal, there are several very different customizations on how it is made and how it is strung.Spruce over Fiddleback Maple.