Roland Vinyard,

"The Bard Rocks"

Un-named Banjo-Mandolin

Sound like a banjo, play like a mandolin, drown out a fiddler who won't stop playing. Goes great with jug band melodies.Yes, it's LOUD.

Supertone Mandolin

An old Monkey Wards brand, this Supertone has a Brazilian Rosewood back, which gives it a deeper and less strident sound than one would expect. And it's a bit fancy, plays great.

Regal Tiple (pr. "tee-play")

10 strings, 4 courses paired in 2s and 3s, this 1920's instrument sounds like a whole chorus and, when played with a pick, is LOUD, despite the tiny size.Picked with fingertips, you can barely hear it.

Short-Necked Monsters 

Tennessee Williams would love to know he has been quoted. This is the "everything else" category.

Young Autoharp

Custom built by the late Keith Young, it is semi-diatonic and although it looks normal, there are several very different customizations on how it is made and how it is strung.Spruce over Fiddleback Maple.