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We sponsor a house concert series, 4-5 a year, always touring professionals steeped in the traditional vein, but quite varied within those limitations. We often have a potluck before and a jam session afterwards. Folks have attended from as far away as Maine; the performers from all over the world.

This site is very popular for another reason as well. On it is housed the largest listing of Public Domain songs that is out there, literally thousands of them. We welcome your submissions as well. As might be anticipated, although not promoted, this feature draws a pretty good-sized internet crowd.

Jennifer and I also play together as a duo, a very ecletic mixture of songs. Since we are both prolific songwriters, we do feature our own creations, along with covers from older country, folk, blues, other songwriters, old time,  gospel & songs of personal inspiration, humor. Jennifer usually plays bass and  guitar, but we do switch around some. For many years, Jennifer was a full-time musician and when you hear her sing, you'll know why.

"Vinyard's Choice" started as his registered Holstein cattle prefix, then was used as a DBA for for property that he bought, improved, and then sold.  Now, this is The Bard's full-time business, selling country real estate. Farms, acreage - anything with land that is out in the New York countryside is in his baliwick. His normal "territory" is about 5-10,000 square miles.

The Bard maintains a high interest in fine wooden instruments. He is a lover of Tonewood and what it will do in a guitar. This 100% commercial-free site is devoted to the woods from which these instruments can be made and was developed solely to help others.  It does not take income from any source. You'll find this is a very large site, with hundreds of photos, descriptions of woods and their properties, technical articles and data....There's nothing else like it out there and, despite a complete lack of promotion, it has become very popular among fine guitar lovers, several thousand of them a week.


The Munster Pickles is newly formed from old friends, Kris Berner on fiddles and Germaine Connolly on harp. The Bard plays guitars and Celtic banjo with them. We play a lot of Irish music, instrumentals, songs, O'Carolan pieces, and also American music, from fiddle tunes to humorous songs, from Steven Foster creations to cowboy songs, whatever suits our fancy.

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