Roland Vinyard,

"The Bard Rocks"

Three Scenes from the Cranky

The Ballad of Pete Haueris both a book, a song,  and a piece of striking visual art. The song tells the story of one of The Bard's best friends, a pacifist who moved to W. Va. to farm and explore caves. Somehow, he murdered a younger man he barely knew, then committed suicide in remorse. That was the police interpretation. Those who knew him did not always agree and that forms the basis for this book - what really happened? Before the story is finished, we encounter witches, homosexuality, hippies, both evil and caring neighbors, drugs, caves, animal sacrifice... It was first told via an award-winning colorful CRANKY, folk art created by The Bard's wife, Janet. This is a 26' long quilted scroll with 13 frames, each telling a part of the story and coordinated with the verses. The book re-reates each verse and each frame of the cranky as the story progresses.

As a trained historian, The Bard is proud to have told a highly readable tale setting the record straight on a well-remembered, controversial, and bitter subject, while relying exclusively upon voluminous prime sources.

West Virginia, 1975

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237 pages, profusely illustrated,  $23