Roland Vinyard,

"The Bard Rocks"

George Matthews  turn of the century fretless banjo, Made in England, features a 3 piece walnut/maple neck, peg tuners, and, unusual, dots on the side where frets might be.


Banjos are fun, happy instruments. And all these are very, very old.  They ooze authenticity (as well as funk).

Weymann 5 String

Very old, but undated, The Bard has owned this for decades; it's a keeper. Not fancy, though it does have great flamed maple, it's a real player's banjo, great sound, easy to play. And it has that Weymann trussed arch to adjust the action - only it never needs that done.

Dobson Banjeaurines

There were two of them (one since traded), nearly identical, one a bit fancier, and they date from the 1890's when banjeaurines were popular in banjo bands. Being higher pitched and loud (big pot, short neck, like the Bard), they were the lead instrument. Tuned in C, with gut/nylon strings, anything played on it sounds old.

DeWick tenor Banjo

A 17 fretter, this 1920's banjo is tuned Celtic.And it has the sound you want to hear, deeper pitched, but unmistakably a tenor sound.