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"The Bard Rocks"

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Performing Repertoire

Want to make a request at a concert? Here are over 800 songs that The Bard Rocks sings regularly. He knows plenty more but couldn’t think of them when this was written. It's a list that will always be out of date, as he adds new material whenever a song appeals to him. 

In general, if it's old and you don’t know know who wrote or played it, he might just know it. Another rule of thumb: he stopped listening to popular music about 1962, so don't count on anything newer than that.  And, no, these are not all memorized. Thank God for iPads and  music stands.

The iPad currently holds 1100 different selections wiith new material added as he comes across it. Some is discovered from inside the guitar, more from recordings, music books and other's performances.  Keep in mind that the songs in the various categories under "Repertoire" are representative, not all-inclusive.