Roland Vinyard,

"The Bard Rocks"

Mississippi River Blues
Miss the Mississippi & You
Mule Skinner Blues

My Carolina Sunshine Girl
My Rough and Rowdy Ways
My Carolina Sunshine Girl
Never No Mo’ Blues
Peach Picking Time in Georgia
Roll Along Kentucky Moon

Rough & Rowdy Ways
T for Texas
Women Made a Fool out of Me
Why Should I Be Lonely?

When the Cactus Is in Bloom

Jimmie Rodgers

Perhaps the first commercially successful country singer, Jimmie Rodgers, along with the Carter Family, set the musical tastes for generations. (They recorded a few together, with just awful results.) The Bard Rocks was immediately attracted to his yodeling, even now when he knows that others can do it so much better than Jimmie did, there is still there is something to Jimmie Rogers’ music that draws one to it again and again.

Any Old Time
Everybody Does it in Hawaii
Hobo Bill
Hobo’s Meditation
In the Jailhouse Now
Jimmie’s Mean Mama Blues
Jimmie's Texas Blues