Roland Vinyard,

"The Bard Rocks"

Historical, Regional Songs

Having decided that he better pay attention to where his bread was buttered as there is a definite demand locally for such music, The Bard Rocks started digging and discovered that, yes, he already sang and knew quite a few songs with historical and regional import, and, hey, they are pretty good ones, too. And then, because he loves where he lives, he wrote a couple as well.

 Aimee McPherson

Ballad of the Great Schoharie Flood
Barney McCoy
Barbry Allen (Child 84)

Battle Hymn of the Republic

Battle of New Orleans

Battleship of Maine

Bert La Fountain's Packard
Blue Mountain Lake
Bonnie Heilin’ Laddie (Erie Canal Version)
Bowery Grenadiers

The Boy Who Lives Here
Bright Mohawk Valley

Bring It On

Castle By the Sea

Charles Guiteau
The Chickens Grow Tall

Curly Head of Hair

Drill Ye Tarriers, Drill
Erie Canal

The Farmer's Boy

The Farmer & the Shanty Boy
Follow the Drinking Gourd

For Bales

Franklin D. Roosevelt's Back Again

Grand Coulee Dam

Greenland Fisheries

Henry Martin
Hudson River Steamboat
In Tarrytown

Ira Hayes
I’ve Got a Mule, Her Name is Sal
Jay Gould’s Daughter

Jingle Bells

Just Before the Battle, Mother

Murder at Moose Lake
My Dirty Stream
No More Booze

Oh, Dat Low Bridge

Once More A-Lumberin' Go
The Orphan Girl

Paddy on the Erie

Peg & Awl
The People Are Scratching
Rainbow’s End


Rosewood Casket
Springfield Mountain

Survivor Leave
Tenting Tonight

Teterboro Tower


The Water is Wide
White House Blues

Working Down the Line