Roland Vinyard,

"The Bard Rocks"


Here is the part where we bring in blatant self-promotion. Yeah, he wrote it; in most cases, the words and tune both. You will find  humorous songs, some tongue-in-cheek ones, some “gospel lite”, some serious. Here’s where the layers of the onion called The Bard Rocks gets peeled. He fools around on the guitar a lot, and has worked up hundreds and hundreds of tunelets over the years. Some have stuck around, but most are long forgotten, including some he regrets losing. So some years back, he decided to get them down on paper from now on.  There are a few others, not listed here, which were too good not to have another verse or two. So, he doctors them.

BE SURE to check out "That Old Guitar" (see: "Media"), The Bard's newest CD, which features all originals, in a variety of genres. He is joined by several other stellar musicians, making this a great CD - 80 minutes long, too.

An Adventurous Man

Autumn's End

Bad Weather Blues

Ballad of Martha Stewart

Ballad of Pete Hauer (w/cranky)

Bread & Gravy

Bring It On

By, Bye Glove
Caving Bare

Chester Arthur's Jig

Chickens Grow Tall

Coffee Shuffle
Darkness Seeps in My Soul

Dog Gone Man

Don't Let Me Know

Don't Try It, for It Can't Be Done


The Fat Republican

God Bless the Wnd

Goodbye, Jack Daniels
Grandma’s in the Cellar

The Great Schoharie Flood

Hold Your Elbows Down

I Got Laid

I'm Happy

I'm Loving You Still

It's a Rotten Situation

I Was Not Born Yesterday

Lonesome Town

Monkeyback Blues

Munster Pickles Jig

My Wild Lily Belle

Ode to Testosterone

Pat & Mike’s Fight

 A Pirate's Love Life
Rainbow’s End

Rena, I'm Blowing Town


Take It on Out the Door

The Sex-Link Layers

The Singer-Songwriter Named Blue

Sky Marshmallows
The Stranger

The Strip Joint


That Old Guitar

That's What Christmas Means to Me
Them Cave Poems
There Was Quite a Party

They Call It Missouri, But It's Misery to Me

They Go Wild After Me

(It's) Time to Remember the Poor

Uncle Dud
The Way Back Home

Wheels, Keep A'turnin' Round
Where Did Love Go?

​You Leave her Be